Corporate Events

Why are Shooting Excursions the Best Choice for Corporate Events?

Your clients have all been to dinner and ball games. How many have “Locked and Loaded”?


There’s no “Been There, Done That” about our Corporate Events. The unique factor will attract participants, all of whom have attended routine dinners and spectator sports. An invitation to attend a Manhattan Shooting Excursion sets you apart from the competition. That’s why we produce events for upscale law firms and banks each year.

Safe, Professional, Experienced 

Experience matters. We are the first company in Metro NYC to produce Corporate Events using first class firepower.

We produce extremely safe target shooting events and have a long track record to prove it. Our events are far safer than many other corporate outings such as race car driving and culinary school where guests use sharp knifes to cook while having cocktails.

Outdoor Range 

Outdoor ranges are much safer, more fun and more flexible than indoor facilities. Guests can shoot at longer distances at reactive, breakable targets that are more fun than paper. Indoor ranges often present hazards such as lead ingestion from poor ventilation, excessive noise, or ricochets off concrete walls or floors. Outdoor ranges also provide better photos and recreation.

Value Add 

Shooting Excursons are participatory events, not spectator sports like baseball. By actively participating instead of watching, guests receive a memorable experience that they will talk about for weeks. Our corporate events are entertaining, educational and always contain a legitimate firearms safety and marksmanship class.

Singular Opportunity 

Manhattan Shooting Excursions is the only shooting sports company in metro NYC that specializes in corporate events using the “sexier” more appealing handguns, rifles and fully automatic hardware. No other firm in the area has the licenses and experience to offer what we do!


Our Excursions combine action adventure entertainment with firearms training geared to the experience of our guests. We operate according to this philosophy.

 We use a large assortment of superb and sometimes unusual firearms. We are the only firm in the metro NY area that can offer fully automatic hardware and silencers. Our firearms also include high quality handguns and sniper rifles and you can shoot the same firearms used by NAVY SEALS and Special Operations units.

 Safety is paramount at our Excursions. We are not a low-end walk-in, “pay to play” facility.

 We want our clients to enjoy attending our Excursions as much as we enjoy producing them. We go to unusual lengths to give a client exactly what we promise and more.

 We are unusual and do not produce wine and cheese parties. Everything about our Corporate Excursions is unique–from the decor to our gift packs – and is themed around shooting sports.

• Our principals are required to take continuing education. Investing in education will further our knowledge and enhance our clients’ experience.

 We share the background of many of our best clients. Our founder has an MBA in finance and law from Columbia University and spent 20 years in corporate finance with leading firms.

 We are selective in who we accept as clients.Educating responsible New York professionals in the safe and proper use of arms is a cornerstone of our mission, and nothing will ever change that.